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Why CT Shipper

  • We provide transport of reproduction material both within the Czech Republic and worldwide
  • Therefore, we prepare the distribution for you according to your individual requirements
  • We fulfill and observe all conditions which are stipulated by the current Czech legislation
  • We have had many years of experience with distribution of gametes
  • We are aware of the delicacy of the issue of distribution procedure in its full extent
  • The guarantee of our flexibility, reliability and professionalism is the parent company GENNET that has had long-standing and complex experience with the issue of assisted reproduction
  • We respect the ethical code when providing our services



  • Your precious cryopreserved material is under absolute control of a professionally trained employee during the entire time of the transfer
  • We never hand the container over to third parties
  • We guarantee that the biological material will not be exposed to X-radiation
  • We inform you online about the state of the transport
  • We will handle the entire transport procedure for you free of charge, that is, all operations and formalities related to the process of distribution (communication 'with authorities, transport companies, clinics and other facilities)
  • We provide transport in double-tube cryogenic containers (Dewar flasks) filled with liquid nitrogen that ensures optimal temperature
  • In the course of the entire transport we keep the inner temperature of the cryogenic container thoroughly under observation with the help of an electronic data logger
  • In order to obtain detailed information, please contact us on the e-mail address distribuce@gennet.cz

Price List

Due to our effort to combine orders, we are able to offer you the best possible price.

Distribution within Czech Rebublic

These are guide prices and we attempt to reduce them by combining orders.

The price is 12 CZK/km + manipulation fee of CZK 1.800,- incl. VAT.

Distribution abroad

The prices are individual. In case of interest, please fulfill the contact form

Contact Form

If you are interested in preliminary calculation, please fill in the contact form below. It is a nonbinding request. One of our employees will contact you with details and price within 48 hours.

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